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Whoa! By now, even the most procrastinators among us have turned their clocks back an hour. That was last weekend, remember? Getting dark a lot earlier for ya, is it? Feeling a little down and blue? Playing more sad songs than usual?

Answer this one:  Have you had a hankering for some comfort food this week you haven't had in a while? Well, in this RoseBud Commentary, our Larry Mendte tackles that pesky "spring ahead and fall back" thing we all do twice a year. He walks us through the history of this thoroughly American thing (so American it was devised by one of our Founding Fathers, and even more American, imitated by few countries, as the rest of the world enjoys normal sunrises and sunsets at more normal times). And he takes us through the "why" we have it. (Spoiler alert: you may be underwhelmed!).

In Larry's conclusion, he offers that we all band together and start a movement for a good cause. Please watch, let Larry know if you agree or disagree and want to join him or argue against him.  Just... Please don't wait an hour.  We can't roll the clock back that easily.

And, as always, thanks for watching the RoseBud Channel!