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There was once a time in your lifetime that you could count on the news to tell you what was happening. Then news became big business, and reporters and anchors at big desks were told they could give their opinions about the news while they reported it.

On Cable news channels, that gave way to just talking about the news, as it's much cheaper to hire no-names and coach them how to have spirited debates hour upon endless hour. They bring things to a simmer, never a boil, so the arguments can run seamlessly into the next segment after the commercial break.

Journalistic pride long gave way to the supposed glamour of hosting these talk hours. The irony, well, one of the ironies for there are many, is that CNN and MSNBC have become left-leaning versions of what they despise by the granddaddy of this genre, Fox News Channel.

We at RoseBud saw the audience growing frustrated with partisan news and mixing opinion with fact. That's why we created this channel. And importantly, we housed it inside a venerable newsroom with a long and proud history -- over 140 years -- of service to the community.

Mind you, any of the named entities above are capable of covering live breaking news, but even that has changed.

A gun discharges in the Atlanta airport and that ignites hours of endless speculation on these channels, and the specter of the worst motives is guessed at the top of each hour and then over and over again. A car drives out of control through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, and before police reveal all the details, the media is now in its next frenzy, new chum in new waters.

We think a majority of us -- meaning Americans -- have had enough. You'll find us a little late to the party sometimes because we're working to get the facts. We know you'll read things on Facebook and other social media, and want a trusted source to sort things out. The night of the Rittenhouse verdict, you could see the glum faces on the predictable hosts and talking heads.

And that brings us to this Commentary, and why Larry Mendte believes Kyle Rittenhouse has an excellent chance to go back to court, this time to get his name back.

Watch and let us know what you think. We find many people appreciate the way we lay out the facts of a story and then offer opinions when we do Commentary, and you can be sure we'll always be clear to label it as such.

Thanks for watching RoseBud.