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Not only do texts to White House Chief of Staff last January 6th reveal Donald Trump Jr. was trying to get his father, the President of the United States to step up and address the nation and the rioters at the Capitol to stop, those texts include three of the Fox News Channel hosts imploring the same thing, emotionally pleading for the President to intervene and make it all stop.

That is very different from how these hosts talk about that day on television almost every night.

First, they have direct access to the Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.  And feel comfortable giving advice.  There isn't even a pretense of being a news anchor or a journalist.  And to nobody's surprise, not only hasn't Fox covered the story, but the hosts have remained silent about it.

It's just the latest example of a cable news culture that continues to let people down by how they cover and what they choose to cover.

Spoiler alert:  You're bound to agree with Larry Mendte and his opinions on this, and we welcome your comments at lmendte@rosebudmedia.com.