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When Donald Trump was president, he put to use his business skills to organize "Operation Warp Speed" and rush the production of vaccines to market in a timeline that had never been done before. Now, a year later, he's given credit by supporters and political opponents alike, as those vaccines have now been proved effective.

But last year, you didn't have to be an opponent of Trump to be against vaccines. Many people feared that rushing a vaccine to market was dangerous and didn't want their families or themselves subjected to the unknown.

But that was then, and this is now, where we see just how safe it is, no alarming death rates from the drugs, only persistent death rates from not being vaccinated. Still, fake news images on Facebook in particular, of supposedly otherwise healthy people who became ill from a shot hooked up to ventilators, were the kind of thing that made people fear getting a shot, and nothing, not even Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly saying they've had their shots and their booster, will change opinions.

And that's because, some people make their choices without party affiliation, or, more to the point, the media mistake them as Trump followers thinking they follow the leader mindlessly.

Constantly, the media insult parts of the public, and typecast them into ignorant people who surely voted for Trump, as if to dismiss them.

RoseBud sees things differently. We see a broken media world where people have been little reason to trust the people delivering cable and network news, and need a resource to turn to whether it be their local newspaper online, or local TV newscast.

In this Commentary, Larry Mendte lays some of this out, points out that President Biden has his own problems in convincing America to get their shots, and as you watch, see if you agree with Larry, then write him at lmendte@rosebudmedia.com to let him know. As always, thank you for watching, and we hope you subscribe to the Mail Tribune!