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Trevor Woloszyk

Oregon Outdoors: Grove Of Titans Part 1

in 1998 3 Researchers discovered the Grove of Titans in Jedediah Smith State Park. Mark Freeman is out in Northern California to check out this hidden Grove of ...

Oregon Outdoors: Spring Chinook part 1

One of the hardest fish to catch — but also the tastiest — is chinook salmon, especially the fatty spring chinook, and Mark Freeman is out to catch one. ...

Oregon Outdoors: Waterfalls 3

Clearwater Falls is a natural treasure in Southern Oregon, Mark Freeman is on the Umpqua basin checking it out.

Oregon Outdoors: Waterfalls part 2

Just a short drive and walk from Prospect, Mark Freeman is checking out Pearsony Falls just one of the many great waterfalls in Oregon.

Oregon Outdoors: Hatchery Part 3

Once hatchery trout are released they don't take much to catch. Mark Freeman proves that all you need is a simple set up reel in one after another.

Oregon Outdoors: Hatchery Part 2

Once the fish from the hatchery are big enough they have to go somewhere and that is Oregon's lakes and rivers, but just how do they get there?

Oregon Outdoors: Hatchery Part 1

At the Cole Rivers Hatchery Mark Freeman is meeting with the Oregon Department of fish and wildlife to see how they are hatching trout for Oregon's lakes and Ri...

Oregon Outdoors: Coastal Fishing Pt 2

Fishing on the Coast does not require you to have any special equipment Mark Freeman shows you that all you need is some basic gear and a fishing pole. ...

OREGON OUTDOORS: Drift Boats Part 3

Mark Freeman sheds the wooden boats and heads to Willie Boats in Medford to see just how these boats are built, why they last so long and why people keep buying...

OREGON OUTDOORS: Drift Boats part 2

Mark Freeman and McKenzie River drift boat building Jason Hayes go out on the river to test out his wooden boat, similar to those built in 1940.

Oregon Outdoors: Drift Boats Part 1

Stepping back in time. Mark Freeman goes back to the McKenzie River east of Springfield to explore the timeless art of building historic wooden drift boats. ...