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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 26

All about the money

Wonder why the Oregon Sheriffs Association just donated $100,000 to the No on 91 Campaign (the ballot measure to tax and regulate marijuana)? It’s all about profit.

Fighting major crime does not pay as well. Law enforcement gets federal grant money to make drug arrests. Sheriff’s departments are incentivized to keep arrests high to maximize grant money — money that can’t be used for any other purpose. Don’t trust law enforcement on this one. It’s all about the money.

Claudia Little, Ashland

Thanks for benefit support

St. Clair Productions and Modern Roots Foundation held a unique benefit concert on Sunday, Sept. 14, at Grizzly Peak Winery called the Rogue Valley Jeff All Stars. We would like to thank the 470 people who showed up to watch nine musicians from the Rogue Valley named Jeff perform.

We especially want to thank the nine Jeff musicians — Pevar, Fretwell, Addicott, Smith, Richmond, Ebnother, Jones, Stanley, and Kloetzel — whose excellent musicianship and ability to have fun on stage made for a memorable evening. Thanks also go to the two MCs, Jeff Golden and Geoffry Riley.

We thank Al and Virginia Silbowitz, who allowed us to use the grounds of Grizzly Peak; Tom and Linda Lou Frederick of Cabin Fever Sound; and Jeven Stevens and his Tex Mex Barbecue, who fed the musicians and sold barbecue to hungry concertgoers; volunteers who helped run the event; and the businesses that donated to the silent auction. Money raised will help Modern Roots Foundation give scholarships to kids for music lessons and help St. Clair Productions fund the 12 concerts of its 19th Annual Eclectic Music and More series.

Ariella St. Clair, Ashland

Anti-bullying or pro-compassion?

First, I want to thank Editor Bert Etling for making our Daily Tidings into a community newspaper worthy of our beloved Ashland community. Therefore, I urge us as subscribers to support his fine efforts by taking a copy to our friends and neighbors and inviting them to join us in supporting the Tidings by becoming a subscriber right away — to be a community, we must be able to communicate.

Ruth Longoria Kingsland, of the Grants Pass Daily Courier (page A5, Tuesday) spoke of criticism from parents about what she called an "anti-bullying program," Grant Williams' This is the Edge.

Having been on staff as a trained volunteer, I experience the Edge myself as pro-compassion, helping youth deal with many current teen issues that if not addressed can lead to depression and even youth suicide. I have experienced how the Edge program helps young people develop compassion and respect for themselves and others, through sympathizing openly with each other’s life predicaments.

I am one of many retired elder volunteers working to support local teenagers around the Rogue Valley. Why? Because I sympathize with teenagers’ need for support. Elders can be very helpful in reminding a young person of their natural gifts and potential which, when caringly identified, can rise to the surface and manifest in their lives.

It is important for parents and the community at large to trust and support school administrators and counselors. It is their job to understand the group dynamics of the student body and evaluate the effectiveness of programs like the Edge.

John Fisher-Smith, Ashland