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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 1

Vote for Ankerberg

In the race for county commissioner, position 1, there's only one qualified candidate, and that's Curt Ankerberg, CPA.

I'm a senior citizen, and Curt has been my neighbor for many years. He's always been honest, kind, helpful, and generous to me and to other neighbors. Curt has also donated a large amount of his time to public service, because he truly cares about his community.

You'll never hear of his positive virtues from the liberal Mail Tribune, which tends to smear conservative candidates.

The commissioners are the financial managers for the county, and Curt Ankerberg, with 30 years experience as a financial auditor, senior tax manager, and chief financial officer, dwarfs his opponents, none of whom have any technical financial experience.

The county manages a $300 million budget, with 900 employees. Being commissioner is not a job for amateurs.

Please join me in voting for Curt Ankerberg for commissioner.

Charles McCracken, Medford

Vote Winters out

Every Oregonian should be appalled by Mike Winters' unprofessional, incompetent and unacceptable handling of the office of sheriff of Jackson County, Ore.

The issues have become too big to ignore, and that says a lot about his character and his motivations. Indeed, he expended more effort on wasteful spending than on protecting citizens or the men and women who proudly serve under him as well.

There are some issues that transcend political parties; Winters is one of them. "Promises Made, Promises Kept" — hollow slogan. Better slogan: "Choose a new sheriff. The new GMO equals Get Mike Out." Please vote.

Linda Lewis, Ashland

Council must act

You asked “On deer attacks: Should the city take a harder line?”

Having recently seen the damage a frightened, innocent deer inflicted on an equally innocent citizen, I’m convinced the City Council has a mandate to protect the population of Ashland from the excessive number of deer meandering within city limits.

It was an accident. She was entering her carport, the buck who had gone in there, perhaps for shade, startled and as he exited, knocked her down and trampled her on his way out.

My friend spent five hours in the emergency room receiving great care for a large wound on her left leg that required 25 stitches and for the fractures of the right foot. Three weeks later, she’s healing steadily and still laid up.

In the ’80s and ’90s we seldom saw deer in town. Now there are herds of them.

The City Council is the body that must make the hard decisions: how will these herds be culled? How will citizens and their pets and children be protected from excessive numbers of deer within city limits?

Be brave, City Council, do your job. We count on you.

Selene Aitken, Ashland

Vote for Dyer

After studying the four candidates running for Jackson County commissioner, I’ve come to the conclusion that Rick Dyer is the only candidate with the ability to accomplish our county’s goals. If you look at his website, you will see his qualifications and what he wants to accomplish in the future. No other candidate possesses this unique combination of skills, background, goals and attributes. Just consider:

  • A 40-year resident of the Rogue Valley
  • An SOC graduate with a degree in accounting and business administration
  • A law degree
  • Upper management experience in large corporations here in Jackson County
  • A small-business owner
  • Married with a 10-year-old son in Medford schools

Can any of the other candidates come close to matching this list? Absolutely not. Please join me and many others in voting for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner, position 1.

Stan Reiter, Central Point