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Letters to the Editor, March 23

Food event was success

Last Saturday the Ashland Food Project held their first mass canvassing event in Ashland. It was called "60 Minutes against Hunger," and it yielded 105 new food donors in support of the Ashland Emergency Food Bank.

Volunteer canvassers gathered in the church parking lot at Siskiyou and Walker and were paired off in teams of two. They knocked on doors for one hour spreading the word about the Food Project and signing up new food donors. It was a very successful day despite a little rainy weather. We want to thank all our volunteer canvassers, especially the Boy Scouts, who brought 31 members to the event.

The Ashland Food Project is an all-volunteer nonprofit. Our goal is to give every Ashland resident the opportunity to become a food donor in support of the Ashland Emergency Food Bank.

When you become a donor we give you a green bag. You collect nonperishable food in the bag. And we pick up the bag from your porch on the second Saturday of every even-numbered month. The next pickup is Saturday morning on April 11. You want to help, and we make it easy!

To join the Food Project, send an email to info@ashlandfoodproject.com or call and leave a message at 541-488-6976. Visit our website at ashlandfoodproject.com

Rich Stickle, AFP Outreach

Thanks to Voisin

I commend Councilor Carol Voisin for her vision for the city of Ashland.

Her inspiring suggestions of a solar project and a trolley system both seem like win-win projects for Ashland — both would be steps forward in "going green." I hope the mayor and other councilors will get behind these projects and request staff to research their feasibility as soon as possible.

Thank you, councilor, for your thoughtful and insightful article. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.

Ramie Streng, Ashland

End dog meat trade

Saynotodogmeat.net is a registered nonprofit animal welfare organization whose mission is to end the dog/cat meat trade internationally.

The goal is to create awareness about this barbaric industry and the ongoing suffering it inflicts upon millions of companion animals yearly, and to expose the serious health risks for human and animal security, such as the spread of rabies. Companion animals are deliberately beaten, stabbed, boiled and skinned alive, to ensure the butcher gets "tough meat," which customers demand under the false belief that eating tough dog meat increases male libido and cures illnesses and diseases.

There is no traditional excuse for the horrific pet meat trade, as slavery and human sacrifice were once considered "cultural traditions," too. Often companion animals are stolen from families and still have their collars on. Hong Kong serves as a beacon of hope that former pet-eating countries can change laws and halt the trade.

March with us at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 4, at the Ashland Dog Park, weather permitting, and/or attend the SOARS meeting at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Talent Fire Station. Take a moral stand and say no to dog meat.

Lisa Frost, Ashland