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Council Corner: Hopes and dreams for Ashland

I believe I have seen more people of color in our community.

I hope it is so.

I have heard from college students who face less housing discrimination.

I hope it is so.

I am committed to the fight for health coverage for all, as are my fellow city councilors.

I hope it will happen.

I believe our city will continue to find viable ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

It must happen.

I believe our community will continue to work toward inclusion for all.

It is happening.

I salute Councilor Rosenthal for bringing children from our sister city to play baseball and learn to “Play hard , play fair and treat each other with care."

It happened.

I see healthier trees and safer trails when visiting our watershed. Thank you AFR, Ashland Woods Trails Association and student volunteers. Thank you Jeff McFarland, Ashland’s Paul Bunyan.

It continues to happen.

I salute the food bank , Uncle Food’s Diner, the Ashland Food Project and citizens like Vanessa Martynse Houk for their efforts to see that no one in our community goes hungry.

It will continue to happen.

I congratulate our women’s organizations, including AAUW, for fighting to end discrimination against women.

It is still happening.

I visited the villages surrounding Guanajuato and saw the houses and water systems that our Rotary Clubs have been building and thank you, Señora Chela, for creating this sister city bond.

It will continue to happen.

I recognize the hard work of our police and their efforts to protect us all with respect and equal treatment.

I have seen it happen.

I was helped when I needed it from our paramedics. Thank you, Ashland Fire & Rescue.

It happened.

I admire our senior citizens. What would a day in Ashland be like without their service? I respect our senior center, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the work of Ashland at Home.

It happens.

I celebrate our park system and Lithia Park’s spiritual healing.

It will continue to happen.

I thank Kristina Lefever and the pollinator project for bringing more bees to my garden.

I will make it continue.

I thank the Vision Quilt Project for their efforts to end gun violence.

It is important that it is happening.

I appreciate the citizens that show up at our council meetings to express their views. Thank you, Huelz Hutcheon, for caring about global warming.

It happens.

I applaud the Chamber of Commerce and Asante Health Systems for the work they have done to introduce Ashland to the state’s healthiest cities initiative.

It will happen.

I support our local paper, the Tidings, for serving us in a world where a free press is threatened.

Can it continue to happen?

I hope in this election season we respect each other and offer vision and not division.

Will it happen?

Stef Seffinger is a member of the Ashland City Council.