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ROSEBUD COMMENTARY: Larry Mendte and the 3 P's -- Peace, Prosperity, and the Presidency

Every president in the history of the United States who's enjoyed peace and prosperity has also been re-elected for a second term. Donald Trump is enjoying a prosperity and a time of peace as Iraq and Afghanistan military operations have wound down, but he's a long way from being a shoo-in for a second term. As Larry Mendte lays it out, a handful of democrat candidates are polling well in a head-to-head match up against him -- but polls proved very wrong last time around. We are still a long way from November 2020, but as Larry Mendte points out, we may well be watching a sure thing turn into a rollercoaster on an uncertain path, twists and turns included. Watch our Commentary, and write to us, let Larry know what you think. He often will reply to fellow commentators!

Larry Mendte is a television, radio, online and print anchor and reporter and a multiple Emmy-award winning commentator based in the New York area. His commentaries have been syndicated around the country. He first started at KIEM in Eureka, California.

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