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Here is your Rosebud Update for May 9th, 2019

Kendrick Castillo pays the ultimate price to save lives in Colorado, Teachers organize walk out send a message to the Senate, 33 pounds of meth confiscated on I-5, Say goodbye to the Sam Jennings Building, and more rosebud original videos on the Mail Tribune website.

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Editorial from our Publisher

“Crazy yellow people walking through my head

One of them’s got a gun, to shoot the other one

And yet together they were friends at school

Ohh, get it, get it, get it, get it no no

But we’re never gonna survive unless

We get a little crazy

No we’re never gonna survive unless

We are a little crazy

No no, never survive, unless we get a little bit”

Crazy — Seal

Songwriters: Guy Sigsworth / Seal Samuel

Throughout the world, not just our homeland, murder in the name of hate continues unchecked, unanswered, leaving us vulnerable to the next act of unspeakable horror. We watch as the news media unfold each atrocity. We are like spectators watching a play-by-play sport. And it seems the killings come in waves, and between those waves, no meaningful response — no meaningful action to deter or to remedy the repetition of death by violence.

We do nothing. We wait for it to fade — to get back to our comfortable life — until the next atrocity occurs.

But what would happen if that violence actually happened in our community? An event where we bury our brothers, sisters, spouses or our children? Do we need to wait for that to happen rather than take preventive measures?

There is no answer to solve the violence that continues throughout the world; there is debate, but no solution, so far. We cannot continue as we have been.

We should not be “sitting ducks” doing nothing or assume it could not happen here in the Rogue Valley.

Our community must Band-aid the threat of potential violence as a practical measure. Please consider the following:

Religious organizations: Form security teams to protect members and religious leaders.

Schools: Institute measures that protect students and faculty by funding added security devices and best practices and, if appropriate, arm and train to an exacting standard those faculty members with the constitution to use a firearm if necessary to protect innocent life.

Public facilities: Institute and fund those measures that screen and restrict those from entry into events, shopping malls, etc., very much like the TSA protects entry into airports.

Let’s start the dialogue. Let’s at least be proactive and take our heads out of the proverbial sand. It can happen here, and we need to be smart enough to accept that fact and the responsibility to act.

This is not a call for a gun debate. It's not about weapons. Elimination of firearms is not the solution, as these acts of violence have been executed with everything from automobiles to nails. There is a larger shift that has to take place in our world, in our thinking as human beings. This is a local call to action to protect ourselves and our communities. Our organization wants to sponsor those kinds of productive, constructive dialogues, bringing together our leaders in religion, business, government and education — anyone who will put considered thought and action into a reasonable plan.

Like the song says: It’s time to get just a little bit crazy or we’re never gonna survive.

Steven Saslow is owner of Rosebud Media and publisher of the Mail Tribune and Ashland Tidings.

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