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LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: The New York Times Screws up

Before Larry Mendte had a chance to publish this commentary, the New York Times and its two reporters have already admitted to making serious errors in telling their supposed latest story about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. But to help promote a book, they published a shoddy essay on Sunday and it received much coverage from a mainstream media that looks to the New York Times as a leader, and to Kavanaugh with eager disdain. As The New York Times back-peddled, first about a Tweet they apologized for and then deleted, then tried to explain their latest allegations against Kavanaugh were in an essay, and not to be confused with reporting, then to admit they took out facts of the allegation which would have cast the newest allegation in suspicion, it became clear that they are either purposeful or inept. Either way, as Larry points out, perhaps heads should roll if the New York Times ever wants to get back to where it once was. Watch Larry's commentary, then let him know what you think.

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