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LARRY MENDTE COMMENTARY: Obama and Trump = Success

President Obama inherited a broken economy that was nose-diving fast. Over his 8 years in the White House he steadied the country's fortunes and lowered the unemployment rate. Then Donald Trump was elected President. Mr. Trump has presided over continued economic prosperity, and taken measures that fueled the economy, and helped create more jobs. It's always difficult to give one man - even a POTUS - all the credit or all the blame, but as Larry Mendte points out in this Commentary, both men made positive contributions to what has now become the longest bull market on Wall Street, and the longest streak of economic growth in America, causing the lowest unemployment rates among people of color. Unsurprisingly, democrats want to take all the credit for getting things started, and republicans want the credit for keeping it going. Larry Mendte has another thought: maybe everyone should acknowledge what was done right, and let both sides celebrate together, certainly let each president have their curtain call. Watch Larry make his case, and then write him at @mendte and let him know if you agree or disagree. Thanks for reading this far. If you only want to beat on one side or the other, there are other places you can go to do that. We welcome critiques and insight, not slurs, and please, no "your mother wears combat boots." The guy who sells the shoes with the red soles in the past eleven years would expect better insults. We'd prefer you refrain and offer your wisdom and salient points.

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