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RoseBud labels this "Commentary" because it indeed does include opinions from Larry Mendte, but a more apt description could be "Analysis" because what Larry does in these seven minutes is enlighten us on where the media is failing in presenting "truth," a word that these days sadly needs a qualifier, as in "real truth," especially with the cable talk channels, who program hour after hour of opinions and audience-pandering. We realize you may be new to RoseBud, perhaps you've just downloaded our new app. But we've been at this, building RoseBud, for two years behind the scenes, and Larry and I first launched this type of candid "Commentary" on the PIX11 television station in New York City over ten years ago. Larry has never stopped, regularly weighing in on politics and media and life from his current television job in New Jersey. We invite you to watch this and all Larry's "Commentary" reports and see what Larry and RoseBud are all about. We'll give you news and information, but we won't tell you what to think. We will respect that you probably have been doing okay with that long before we arrived here. In return, you'll learn that we are eager to earn your respect by delivering news and information in a way you feel was worth your time because we helped you understand things better. We welcome your thoughts, and if you agree or disagree with this Commentary or any of our other stories. Larry is easy to find on Twitter, and he will write you back from @mendte. Or, if you find other things on the RoseBud Channel you want to weigh in on, find us at @rosebudchannel, or, you can write me directly @billcarey2. Thank you for watching RoseBud. - Bill Carey

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