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Ted Wheeler is the mayor of Portland, and man without a city. He lost control of it 70 days ago when protesters took to the streets in the name of George Floyd. Many good people protesting racial inequality and excessive police force in the streets, but nightly, overshadowed by a sinister element of anarchists who've made Portland their base. They dressed in black, wore masks not for social distancing but so as not to be easily identified. They suited up nightly, still do, and went about tormenting police, agitating and taunting police into physical altercation. Many of them got what they sought, over 400 arrested in the first two months. They were criminals, vandalizing and assaulting police. Some were arsonists, setting fires. They weren't out to protest noble causes, in fact, they hijacked those noble causes and gave peaceful protesters a bad image around the country.

Then President Trump sent federal officers in to protect the federal courthouse they kept trying to burn.

Now the mayor had a scapegoat, and blamed Trump for all the rioting. Only when the feds pulled out, the rioting started again.

Oh, and still no control, no curfew, in a town that should be focused on simpler things, like rooting for its basketball team to make the playoffs.

Something we'd be talking more about if this nightly problem had been addressed by now.

Here's Larry Mendte's take on an ineffective Mayor and a city held hostage to not-so-cool rebels who can't even articulate their cause. See if you agree with Larry's take, and let him know if you agree or disagree @larrymendte. And thank you for watching RoseBud.