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Rogue Valley Gas Stations Experience Fuel Shortage

The demand for gas has surged in the Rogue Valley since wildfires forced thousands to evacuate their homes.

Gas stations have struggled to meet the demand and wildfires have made it difficult for tankers to deliver fuel to the Rogue Valley.

There are multiple gas stations without any fuel to sell and once the delivery arrives, lines quickly form at the pumps.

The fires have also impacted the workforce. Some gas stations have allowed self-service as employees deal with the devastation these wildfires have brought to the Rogue Valley.

The speed these fires have traveled caught many by surprise, and it caused a high demand for gas as many have had to evacuate or prepare to potentially evacuate their homes.

One fuel truck driver that spoke off-camera mentioned that all gas traveling to the Medford area came from near Eugene. Wildfires in that area have also slowed down the supply chain.