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Medford Police Clear Campers From Hawthorne Park, 11 Arrested

As of Tuesday morning, Hawthorne Park is officially closed to the public. The park will reopen on Thursday after 48 hours of cleaning up the area and repairing any damages.

Hawthorne Park had become a temporary campsite with over 70 tents, but the area was never approved as a campsite. Fires in the Rogue Valley left thousands without a home, and that caused shelters to fill up fast. Over the past few weeks, more and more people decided to set up tents in Hawthorne Park, including some of the transients and homeless people that live along the Greenway but had been forced to move by smoke and fire.

Around 30 police officers arrived Tuesday morning to clear Hawthorne Park and help find a new location for those interested in the assistance. Some took the aid but others refused and were either forced to leave or arrested for trespassing, probation violations, or interfering with police. As police began the evacuation, they asked us to move out of the park, which we did, and reported the rest of their actions from the sidewalk.

There were 11 arrests made at Hawthorne Park on Tuesday morning.