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This Day in Music: December 24th

This Day in Music, Christmas Eve December 24th

Five Singles on five albums would be certified gold on this day in 1970 for Credence Clearwater Revival, including songs Down on the Corner and Bad Moon Rising.

We jump to 1989 when Billy Joel’s Storm Front went number 1 on the U.S. album chart. The album would showcase singles such as We Didn’t Start the Fire, Leningrad, and I Go to Extremes.

There’s something in the way Nirvana would go on air “Unplugged” on this day in 1993 for an MTV live performance.

On this sad day in 2007, the Wandering Shepherd Dan Fogelberg died in his home in Maine after a 3-year battle with cancer.

The singer-songwriter was known for songs like Longer, Hard to Say and Leader of the Band. Following a folk-rock legacy, Fogelberg was known to be a major influence on the modern country music scene.

He even delved into bluegrass inviting well-known musicians Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs and others to his southwest Colorado chalet in a collaborative effort to produce High Country Snows, which included the hit single Go Down Easy.

Losing him did not go down easy for his fans. He was only 56.

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Dan Fogelberg