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Larry Mendte Commentary: Canceling Cancel Culture

Just over a year ago. RoseBud broke ranks with Dr. Anthony Fauci and advocated we should be wearing masks.

That's right. Fauci was saying wearing a mask wasn't necessary, and we were.

You can thank us later.

In fairness, by mid-March, Fauci had changed his mind. So had Andrew Cuomo, the governor in New York.

Ya can look that one up too.

This year, we are turning our attention to the CancelCulture crowd, and if you're part of it, we want to cancel your movement and win you back. #CCC. Cancel Cancel Culture.

If you aren't sure how you feel about this, if being on the cutting edge of a brand new movement feels, ummm, awkward, well, we invite you to watch this edition of Commentary where Larry Mendte takes on the Cancel Culture Elites. Enjoy watching, and feel free to write Larry at @mendte. And thank you for supporting RoseBud.