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First Friday art walk in Ashland

New exhibits highlight the First Friday art walk in Ashland's downtown and Railroad District. The monthly art walk will be from 5 to 8 p.m.

Art walk maps are available at the galleries and Ashland Chamber of Commerce. Visitors will find opportunities to meet the artists, watch art demonstrations, hear live music and enjoy refreshments at some of the galleries.

Check the following listings for details. Please note that some galleries will be closed during the event.

The following galleries are members of the Ashland Gallery Association:

Adelante! Gallery & Tea House: 88 N. Main St., www.adelantegalleryteahouse.com, 541-488-0290. New paintings by Roni Marsh and Nancy Smith, as well as live music, tea and treats.

AMERICAN TRAILS: 27 N. Main St., www.americantrails.com, 541-488-2731. Pottery, prints, baskets and jewelry, as well as blankets by Pendleton Woolen Mills.

ART & SOUL GALLERY: 247 E. Main St., www.artandsoulgallery.com, 541-488-9006. "Congruences," a collection of oil paintings by Mabrie Ormes, as well as dulcimer music by Douglas Ross, wine and refreshments.

ASHLAND ART CENTER: 357 E. Main St., www.ashlandartcenter.org, 541-301-5975. Sculptures by Dale Muir and the new Recycled Arts Materials Project (RAMPART), as well as refreshments and live music.

ASHLAND ART WORKS: 291 Oak St., www.ashlandartworks.com, 541-488-4735. The annual holiday show and sale, featuring works by gallery artists.

BOHEMIA GALLERY AND FRAMING: 552 A St., www.bohemiagallery.com, 541-488-5227. Ceramics by Jack Coelho and paintings by Lily Flores, as well as wine and refreshments.

CONCETTI FINE ARTS: 40 N. Main St., 541-601-0963. Works by gallery artists as well as hors d'oeuvres, wine and live music.

DAVIS AND CLINE GALLERY: 525 A St., Suite 1, 541-482-2069, www.davisandcline.com. "Out of the Woods," a collection of madrone sculptures by Christian Buchard and paintings on wood panels by Haley Farthing.

GALLERIE KARON: 500 A St., 541-482-9008. "Gifted," a collection of gift-worthy works by 25 artists, as well as live jazz and munchies.

HANSON HOWARD GALLERY: 89 Oak St., www.hansonhowardgallery.com, 541-488-2562. "Autumn Montage," a collection of paintings and sculptures by gallery artists, as well as "Eve," a mosaic chaise longue by Karen Rycheck.

HILLTOP GALLERY: 859B Mountain Meadows Drive, www.numinousstudiowest.com, 541-708-5141. "A Stitch in Time," a collection of fiber art, opens Sunday, Nov. 6. The gallery will not be open for Friday's art walk.

HOUSTON'S CUSTOM FRAMING AND FINE ART: 270 E. Main St., www.houstoncustomframing.com, 541-482-1983. Lithographs by Russell Chatham, as well as work by gallery artists.

ILLAHE STUDIOS AND GALLERY: 215 Fourth St., www.illahegallery.com, 541-488-5072. "Pinnacles," a collection of ceramic sculptures by Penelope Dews, and "Invitation to Solitude," a collection of photography by Kate Geary, as well as live music by Jeff and Julian Jones, wine and toffee samples by Recession Candy Co.

JEGA GALLERY AND SCULPTURE GARDEN: 625 A St., www.jega4art.com, 541-488-2474. "Art Embracing the Emotions," a collection of work by Steven Blumenkranz, Kent DeHass and Daniel Verner, as well as live music by Verner and refreshments.

NIMBUS: 25 E. Main St., 541-482-3621. Aluminum work by Charles Cangilose and refreshments.

SCHNEIDER MUSEUM OF ART: 1250 Siskiyou Blvd., www.sou.edu/sma, 541-552-6245. "Mi Linda Soledad," a collection of works by Emilio Lobato, as well as "Felt to Steel," a collection of works by Ellen Wishnetsky-Mueller.

THOMAS LEE GALLERY: 20 S. First St., www.thomasleegallery.com, 541-482-1135. Glass works by California-based gallery Orient and Flume, as well as wine and refreshments.

THE WEBSTERS: 11 N. Main St., www.yarnatwebsters.com, 541-482-9801. Artful clothing, jewelry, hats and accessories.

Associate members of the Ashland Gallery Association include:

ASHLAND ARTISAN EMPORIUM: 1670 Ashland St., www.ashlandartisanemporium.com, 541-708-0577. Artworks by about 200 local artists and artisans.

ASHLAND COMMUNITY HOSPITAL: 280 Maple St., www.ashlandhospital.org, 541-201-4005. Works by 10 artists from Ashland Art Center. The gallery will be closed for November's art walk.

BOULEVARD COFFEE: 555 Siskiyou Blvd., www.boulevard-coffee.com, 541-482-0456. Abstract, acrylic paintings by Cathrine Stendal.

CREEKSIDE PIZZA BISTRO: 92 N. Main St., www.creeksidepizza.com, 541-482-4131. Mixed-media paintings by Danielle Swaser.

THE CROWN JEWEL: 130 E. Main St., www.thecrownjewel.net, 541-488-2401. Handmade, copper earrings by Lynn Whipp.

ENOTECA BY EDENVALE: 17 N. Main St., www.edenvalleyorchards.com, 541-482-3377. Oil paintings by Anthony Lewis as well as wine.

FAMILY MASSAGE EDUCATION CENTER: 1081 E. Main St. (formerly Ashland Academy of Art), www.hellofmec.com, 541-482-3567. Mixed-media works of Ashland landmarks by Carolee Buck, as well as live music, massages and chocolate.

GRADIENT GALLERY: 175 N. Main St., www.ashlandmethodist.org, 541-482-3647. Art by Ashland high-school, middle-school and elementary-school students. The gallery will be closed for November's art walk.

HANNON LIBRARY: 1250 Siskiyou Blvd., www.hannonlib.sou.edu, 541-552-6023. Exhibits by student, faculty and local artists.

LIQUID ASSETS WINE BAR: 96 N. Main St., www.liquidassetswinebar.com, 541-482-9463. Paintings by Harriett Rex Smith and Eva Thiemann and prints by Pat Holton.

PELTON HOUSE: 228 B St., www.peltonhouse.com, 541-488-7003. Work by Sarah Patterson, Dan Elster and Cathy DeForest.

Working studio members:

BACKROADS STUDIO: 161 Fourth St., www.backroadsproductions.com. Sculptures by Harriet Greene and photography by Martin Goldman, as well as live music by guitarist Roanne Lewis and refreshments.

CATHY DORRIS STUDIO: 130 A St., www.cdorrisart.blogspot.com, 541-821-0651. "A Month of Mixed Media," a collection of work by Kevin Litwiller and Gaelyn Larrick, as well as live music by Bram Larrick.

ETIENNE STUDIO: 143 N. Third St., www.etiennegallery.com, 541-482-1766. Acrylic, colorful artworks by Suzanne Etienne.

GATHERING GLASS STUDIO: 322 N. Pioneer St., www.gatheringglass.com, 541-488-4738. Glass works by Keith Gabor, Scott Carlson and Jeff Addicott.

STUDIO A. B.: 621 A St., www.babayard.com, www.anndisalvo.com, 541-482-2253. "Art off the Rack," a collection of older works by Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard.

'King of the Walk' and other photographs by Kate Geary are on display at Illahe Studios and Gallery in Ashland.