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Viewing Outlook

Pelagic sea birds - The absence of heavy north winds along the coast has resulted in higher than normal water temperatures near shore. This often brings pelagic sea birds — albatross, petrels, storm-petrel and others — closer to shore where viewing is easier. Several charter boats offer pelagic bird-watching trips to capitalize on this situation. If north winds increase in the near future, upwelling in the ocean will occur and near-shore water temperatures will drop, so those interested in pelagic bird watching trips should take advantage of the situation now.

Deer/Elk - Buck deer and bull elk are reaching the point where their antler growth is almost complete, and their antlers look especially large because they still have velvet on them. Many of the bulls will start shedding the velvet this month and the bucks will be soon behind, so now is a good time to be out looking for them.