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Viewing Outlook

JACKSON - The many trails within the Denman Wildlife Area offer good opportunities to see the various bird species that dwell among the buck brush and berry patches there. Young deer are present and commonly seen now along the upper Rogue River by rafters drifting during the evening.

KLAMATH - White-faced ibis can be seen foraging in flooded pastures south of Klamath Falls. Ibis are colonial nesters using bull rush and cattails to make a platform to build their nests.

Owl species, including great-horned, barn, screech and short-eared owls, can be observed just after dark around agricultural and foothill areas as they start hunting for rodents, snakes, and other small prey.

COOS BAY - The lack of heavy north winds along the coast has resulted in water temperature near shore being higher than normal. This often brings such pelagic sea birds as albatross, petrels and storm-petrels closer to shore where viewing them is easier. Several Charleston charterboats are offer pelagic bird-watching trips now.

DOUGLAS - The young chicks of California and mountain quail, blue and ruffed grouse, wild turkey and pheasants are now being seen throughout the county. Coveys of California quail are common on the Umpqua Valley floor usually associated with blackberry cover and water. Many blue and ruffed grouse and their young are found in mid- to high-elevation forested areas in our local mountains. Wild turkeys and their poults are very common throughout the Umpqua Valley, usually on private lands in oak savannahs.