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RG the Cat Guy dusts off a memory

We’d had a run of pleasant days — buds were poking their noses out, mallards were pairing off to do what mallards do, and the urge to get to decluttering projec...


Rogue Valley art galleries: Jan. 21

Editor’s note: Masks are required in all indoor public spaces in Oregon. Check with all venues listed in Tempo to confirm events. In Focus: Third Friday Art...

Letters, Jan. 23

Support ranked choice voting 1-2-3 is another designation for Jan. 23. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), a better voti...

Letters, Jan. 21

Michael Ramirez’ cartoon displayed hypocrisy Michael Ramirez’ political cartoon in the Sunday Mail Tribune represents the height of Republican hypocrisy. W...

Oregon Outdoors

Dating in the age of COVID

I want to talk about dating. Older people. Not bumbling or Cupiding or fishing or hooking up. But mature adults, looking to make intimate connections. Are there...

Wines in the pines

Picture yourself in a treehouse in the woods, drinking good wine and watching a river flow. I can testify that it’s possible and makes for a dandy day trip. The...
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